online support for your own projects

Our mentoring and tutorial scheme

Think Learning offers individual mentoring support in the area of the Humanities for people seeking one-to-one support and guidance for their studies and current projects. Help is available for essay writing, individual or group presentations, portfolio work, dissertations and even help with meeting the last minute deadline.

Whether you’re starting out with a piece of work, developing an idea or giving something the finishing touches, our experienced academics and teachers will give you constructive advice and feedback. Our goal is for you to see improvements in your work, or in your marks, and the boost to self-confidence this can bring.

We offer personalised mentoring schemes, pay-as-go tutorials and individual student support. Mentoring includes time for reading and editing work, email communication, and Zoom meetings. You can request a specific tutor to work with, depending on availability, or we will assign a tutor to you based on your requirements and interests.

The best route into the mentoring and tutorial service is an email telling us a little about yourself and what you are looking for. We will see, first of all, if we have a tutor who can work with you. If we do, we will make a suggestion as to which tutor would suit you best. If you give the go ahead we will instruct a tutor to contact you to set up a meeting (up to 30 minutes). This will determine if you will work well together. If both parties are happy to proceed you will arrange your first proper online meeting.